Friday, July 16, 2010

Move from Blogger Blog to Word Press

I've moved! Not Like Real Life has now moved to Wordpress. Here's the link. Thank you for the few who have just discovered my blog, your comments are beyond appreciated.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Curse of Being Too "Deep"...

Sometimes I sincerely believe that I am much too "deep" for a lot of people, and in the context of "deep", I mean that serious, intellectual conversation dominates my mind more so than it's lighthearted counterpart. (Once again, does that sound narcissistic? That is a quality I never want to develop) I find myself ruminating world issues and topics rather than talking about what parties I'm going to attend at the end of the week. I would much rather discuss pertinent issues that discuss behavioral analysis or stereotypes than common gossip. I rarely have "light" conversations, and I genuinely treasure friendships with individuals who challenge my thoughts or help me clarify them. Oooh and then there's music! Don't get me started on music! My loquaciousness will cause a person's ear to flee! It's to be said though, it is not that I am not able to carry on lighthearted conversation, it's the fact that I do not ENJOY doing so. That being said, I think it will be difficult finding a romantic partner who is able to challenge me intellectually with the same eagerness as I am willing to impart. As my father likes to say, "Let me pick your brain." I want my brain to be "picked". Pick away! Maybe I'm not looking in the proper places, or it may be that I have this time to really understand myself before understanding others.

This brings me to an interesting theory one of my intellectual compatriots introduced me to, it is called "The Law of Attraction." I am not well versed in the law or how it functions, but I will get back to you once I figure it out. Otherwise, I will continue on as my "deep" self and hope that others will grow to love this aspect of my personality. It is quite a contrast from the jovial disposition I am often associated with. Wait! I have developed another title to my dictionary entry! I am the sociable, jovial, intellectual! ooooh, I like that!

P.S. One of my worst fears is giving off an impression that I am not willing to listen to what others have to say. Even though the words above express a pseudo-elitist sentiment, I believe one must listen to people from all walks of life to successfully "learn". I never want to stop learning.

Today I really like my skin. In the summer it gets darker (woah, black people can tan?!?), and I think it is absolutely beautiful, especially in the sun. My skin looks like shiny brown paint with copper-red streaks running through it. Too bad my extremely unfashionable work uniform doesn't showcase this as much as I would have liked. :P Oh yeah, and that's a photo I took at the airport recently.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I suppose all nascent photographers all start with some pictures of flowers . I am no different!

And the inspiration just won't stop...

"...We inhabit a purely relative world, in terms of belief structures, yet each of us knows and in a sense, believes in, the need to be beautiful. My work is about beauty—what it means to be beautiful and what significance the idea has in the twenty-first century in the world of art. We all know that being beautiful is as important as being rich, that being beautiful is itself a form of wealth. One must be tall, thin and white. One’s features must be diminutive and regular. We recognize deviations from this norm, but recognize that these deviations, even if appealing, are far from ideal. The need to be beautiful fuels one of the largest and most ruthless industries in our world..." - Margaret Bowland

via: kiss my black ads I see my youth in these paintings.
"Sometimes, I feel discriminated against,

but it does not make me angry.

It merely astonishes me.

How can any deny themselves the pleasure of my company?"

~Zora Neale Hurston