Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Good Friends Make the World go Round...

I just came back from a dinner at a friend's house. And I loved it. How pleasant it was to be in the company of good friends! More so, to laugh, talk, complain, and just spend time with the ones that you truly enjoy to be with. She invited some of her other best friends to the dinner as well, some of them whom I didn't know very well. But here's the thing. They all share common characteristics of my friend. The same characteristics that make her such a charismatic, charming, and lovable person in my eyes. Consequently, I quickly learned to love these friends of her's just as I love her. Have you ever noticed that before?

Is there something about someone that is so attractive that you find it in others?

Friendships are amazing things, and I sincerely believe that we take them for granted. Even the word "friend" is tossed around so much that it looses much of its true meaning. Actually, that is one of the things that I believe the English language lacks. When referring to relationships, our words sometimes fail us. Words such as "love", "like", "hate", and "friend" just don't have the same impact for me as in other languages. Take for instance the word for friendship in Spanish: amistad. In Spanish, one doesn't throw "amistad" around like a frisbee. No, an "amistad" is reserved for something special. That something special is something I have for my true friends. Actually, I have begun to refer to some people as "acquaintances" rather than friends, because it describes my relationship with them truthfully.

Anyway, being around this special group of people just warmed my heart. And what we did wasn't extraordinary. We ate a well-prepared dinner together, watched an awards show on television, and played Cranium. That was it! But what a good time we had.

What I ask of others is to find meaningful relationships in their lives. I believe that some are too preoccupied with being around "people" they fail to share sincere connections with. What I'm saying is that many times moments like these won't happen everyday, but what's important is to thoroughly enjoy the times that do come.

Make real friends.

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