Saturday, December 26, 2009

The sky isn't the limit...try to make it to the ceiling first

Alas! I've deciding to continue with this blogging business, I think it'll work out just fine eh? But I've been pondering something for a while now...pondering about my life chances and the *life chances of others.

First of all, I must say the completing my first semester of college has made me into quite the cynic. I knew making a living in our society was difficult, but I believe that one doesn't really realize this until they themselves have to have one foot in adulthood. Granted, I believe that I was able to remain a "child" for a good amount of time. And by referring to myself as a "child", I mean that I didn't have nearly the same amount of responsibilities and preoccupations that adults have to deal with on a regular basis...

...but for sake of length (I can tend to become long-winded); I believe children are deceived in believing that we can do whatever we want to do and become whomever we desire to become.

How many are the times I remember teachers, parents, counselors, or family members tell me that "the sky is the limit" or "you have a world of possibilities in front of you". But that definitely isn't the case. Money, race,gender, social-economic status, even the location of your home all favor into the life chances one is given, and the realization of this is slapping me across the face. Granted, there are innumerable accounts of those that have surpassed the expectations they were given, but for the majority of the earth's population, and for the majority of children who are told they are our "future", this feat is never accomplished.

Some don't even make it past the proverbial "ceiling"

I will expound on this topic more, but more honesty about a person's real life chances is needed. Otherwise, a trail of broken hearts and egos are left behind.

*life chances: opportunities one has to improve the quality of their life. refers to career, health, wealth, etc...

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