Monday, December 28, 2009

Why I like the movies...

Okay. I just came back from watching AVATAR in theatres now, and guess what? I thought it was awesome. Really. Really awesome. The cinematography, the storyline, and the script all came together in a near-perfect union and created an amazing visual treat and an amazing film. But whilst I was watching the film, I thought of how much I love the movies and the film-making process in general.

There is something about good films that makes me feel inside the action, that makes me feel as if I was apart of the film itself. And note that I said "good" films. I recently saw INVICTUS starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon, and the same emotions were not felt. Hahaha, then again, I am quite biased towards films about "Africa" and the plight of "Africans". I found myself continuously rolling my eyes over how staged and sappy the film was. In fact, I'll digress a little bit later on this bias of mine towards films about countries in the mother-land.

But back to AVATAR. The same way I felt watching the film is the same way I feel when I'm on stage performing. Acting is something I love. Something I really, really love. However, as beloved as it is, I understand that a career in the field is a little far-fetched. But you don't know how many times I have been told: "YOU HAVE TO BE A DRAMA/THEATRE MAJOR!" Honestly, when I say that acting is almost something innate inside of me, it really is. And watching AVATAR only makes my thirst stronger. Its not that I necessarily want to be a film actor. But just the opportunity of performing for the pleasure of the audience and for one's own enjoyment is something so desirable to me.

I don't know. Even as much as I daydream about a possible acting career, I realize all the politics that are involved in films. Let's be honest. Race and gender are a wicked influence in both film and theatre acting. And being a black female doesn't help my plight. ;) We'll see. I was warned to focus on my actual major this semester than spend time at rehearsals for University theatre productions...but when I am more inclined to memorize the lines of a new play than memorize equations and formulas for chemistry class...I believe where I want to devote my time is clearly seen.

Thanks AVATAR.


  1. Not that I'm looking for trouble, but I am going to have to disagree on the "awesomeness" of the storyline. While a visually pleasing movie with a moving plot, the story was no more than a futuristic rip-off of Pocahontas, and was significantly limited in the way that the story could have be presented. The only reason it was well acclaimed was the beauty in the visual context, and that was not worthy of the Golden Globe (then again, most movies that win the Golden Globe are not too great in my opinion). As for Invictus, the feelings you felt were definitely shared; the storyline could have been much better. Now, on to other things...

    As far as acting, you are a brilliant actress and I believe you could go far in that career, despite all the technicalities. With that said, I believe it seems impertinent that you more so find something you enjoy doing and that you would be happy doing for the rest of you life, rather than basing decisions on other issues, including money. People joke with me all the time about how I'm getting into the Biomedical Engineering major at the right time to make lots of money; this is not my motivation. I think the prospect of developing a cure for something that kills millions, and saving lives (despite my own biased opinions about how that may work out in the long run) beats the prospect of large sums of cash. All I can say is follow your heart and show the world what you have to offer with the part of your life that shows the most passion.

  2. Thank you so much for replying, and I'm sorry that I haven't replied in such a long time. And yes, I didn't realize the importance of what you mentioned until recently. You've always been an amazing friend. And its true, a true passion will lead you somewhere.