Friday, January 8, 2010


As 2010 and the new semester starts, I was thinking about the amount of people who come into your life and after a short time, leave it again. That is especially something that I realize happens frequently in college. The bonds one may make with classmates or people one interacts with on a daily basis can be quickly broken or dissolved. And as solemn as that sounds, it isn't necessarily a bad thing. One thing that I'm realizing is that college life can be very transient, especially on a campus as big as this one. Everyone is moving one way or another, living their lives in the way they believe is most satisfactory, and trying to acquire a good education in the meantime.

That's a pretty big difference from high school. Instead of beginning and ending the year with a group of people you probably have known since middle school or even elementary school, you begin and end a semester with people you have never known and probably will never see again.

I'm finding that I don't really know how to react to this change of relationships. Today I was in a new class, and I was thinking of all my former classmates that I slowly began to miss. It was weird. I felt foreign, uncomfortable. And it was a surprising reaction because I always pride myself in being a person who thrives on new experiences and new relationships.

Well, I wasn't ready for that one. And as excited I am about meeting new people, I find myself more apprehensive than last semester. I guess that's what you get for feeling "comfortable".

I leave you with another fabulous photo from my favorite photodiarist

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