Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Here We Go Again...

...Ahhh! The smell of a new semester! I don't know what this semester is going to hold, but I do know one thing: I don't think I'm ready just yet. The break went by so quickly, that I don't think I prepared my mind for the mental challenges that this new academic semester holds. And to be honest, I'm pretty nervous about it. The idea that "the choices you make at this moment will affect the rest of your life" a very daunting and scary one.

But meanwhile tackling the semester is slowly taking over my mind, I find comfort in inspiring photography. Especially this website:

Eventually, I too want to become a photodiarist. But one that captures the unique moments and everyday life of the students at my University.

I must give a disclaimer though. I am by no means a fabulous photographer. In fact, I am quite the novice. However, maybe following this pursuit will be the thing I need to calm my mind down.

We'll see. Maybe I should get a camera first.

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