Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh The Similarities!

Have you ever met someone that reminded you about a friend or associate you had? I sure you have. And the exact thing happened to me last night. It was remarkable. One of my friends and I were reminiscing over old high school memories and old high school friends. We eventually began talking about one infamous peer of ours and then BAM! I realized how this high school friend reminded me EXACTLY of a new college associate that I had made. It was the most ridiculous similarity. What these girls talk about, how they dress, their height, even their beauty and their mannerisms were parallel.

More so, what was interesting was how I remember reacting to them. Both of them have good hearts, but are too preoccupied with the small details of life. What is most striking is how both of them view the presence of men in their lives. I feel like these two ladies depend too much on physical relationships and admiration from the opposite sex. Now, I am in no position to judge, but I believe that is one of the worst hindrances of all. To place too much weight on the words on others.

Anyway, it is crazy how similar they are. And I am very tempted to introduce the two together, because I believe they would hit it off amazingly. Well, maybe too much of one thing or one person will drive me crazy. :/

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