Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happiness from the little things...

Today it snowed. Actually, I heard that 49 of the United States' 50 states had snow this week. I think that's pretty ridiculous, and nonetheless, Georgia was one of the states included in the snow shower. To say the least, I was excited. I don't know why the presence of white, crystallized water causes such excitement; but it does. As the snowflakes fell, the campus was resurrected. Myriads of students flocked outside to enjoy the interesting change of weather. And when I say interesting, I MEAN interesting. Of recent, we have had the oddest weather patterns. Honestly, in a span of four weeks, we have had temperatures that have ranged from t-shirt and jeans comfortable to below freezing. It has been RIDICULOUS. Consequently, the snow just added to our state of confusion, but it was welcomed.

Anyway, like I aforementioned, the campus came alive! All of a sudden, impromptu snow-ball fights, sledding, and snowman building started. It was so enjoyable to see and hear the laughter of so many people. I myself found myself with my face full of snow (after falling down some stairs haha), but I didn't mind. It was beautiful.

However, while all the revelries were underway, there were some close to me who detested the "white presence". Now, I'm not a fan of cold weather either, but their view points confused me. How can one not see the beauty of tree tops dusted with snow, or lampposts being danced around by glittering snowflakes? I don't know, I believe that there are somethings that are universally accepted as aesthetically pleasing or deserving of admiration. When I meet individuals who don't believe such, I immediately want ask them, "So then, what DO you consider beautiful or awe-inspiring?"

From the interesting angles of a building, to a way a tree's roots curve and twist, I find so many things beautiful that I believe are over-looked. Snow is an obvious example, but we need to take some more time to search for even little things that we consider beautiful. That way, we can find beauty in a world that is sometimes very ugly. What do you think? What are some things you find as incredibly beautiful?


  1. Something thats beautiful to me is when you can close your eyes and feel the snow coming down, or the muffled sigh of someone who took a moment to breath in the life. I do sometimes question people who look at the snow and think its nothing more than frozen water. Just bundle up and breath in!

  2. That IS really beautiful. We're supposed to get snow tonight actually. Get excited!