Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pale Blue Dot

After listening to the wonderful radio station NPR, I was directed to this photograph.

As soon as I saw it, I said, "WOW." The photograph is so awe-inspiring and in many ways, very humbling.

I've often criticized myself over getting so wrapped up in the daily routine of my life. Hardly, except for the times when I write a blog post, do I ever really stop, meditate, and observe. Maybe it is because of the mood I am in this weekend, but I sincerely believe that I am ignorantly forgetting about all the glorious things we have to offer in this world. Additionally, the photograph puts into perspective how minute we humans are when compared to the GRAND scale of everything universal.

Especially here in the United States, I believe that many people have such a selfish view about their lives, when in reality, I believe that we are all connected in a delicate balance. It is selfish to think that one's actions will affect only themselves. I'm pretty sure what I'm talking about is formally called The Butterfly Effect; but my interpretation is a bit more simple than the well referenced metaphor. What I am saying is that we need to stop and reflect; otherwise we forget our real position in the grand cosmos. Take time to look up at the sky, or in a cliche: STOP and SMELL the roses. Haha.

And remember to always smile and laugh. As one of my dear friends would say: " Just smile to make the day pretty."

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  1. Isn't NPR beautiful? If you like podcasts at all, or even if you don't, you might like RadioLab WNYC. I find I can't listen to much else on my iPod as far as podcasts go.

    I think you are right, we do have to separate our day out in meditation, because its a focus that aligns our beings with the present term of reality. I think when we refuse to let ourselves just be we miss out on some of the most beautiful things that move at the slowest pace.

    Personally I try not to get swept up in the "grandness" of the universe, only because when I do I find myself wondering why I even exist or how anything I do will change anything. To some degree, we are all our world is. When we close our eyes we are the only one who can see and feel and touch and smell that. Now I'll contradict myself, I think its good to look at the big picture, or else you get caught up in all the little things (or even big things) that attempt to absorb our lives because they think they are greater than the sum of the parts. Just some thoughts, love the provocation!