Thursday, May 27, 2010


Last time I wrote, I wrote about the novel A Thousand Splendid Suns. Since then, I would like to say that I have finished the novel, and it was completely amazing. The writing wasn't spectacular, the prose being very simple. However, it was the emotions Khaled Hosseini brought forth from the words written. The novel is knee-deep with showing the importance of sacrifice. I know that I'm going to read it again before my summer vacation is over. I need to ruminate on such "amazing-ness".

After A Thousand Splendid Suns, I bulldozed through another novel called "The Ruins". It is written by Scott Smith, and was adapted into a film a couple of years ago. I don't know if I liked it. It was a "thriller", and that is a genre that I had never explored before in writing. I believe however, that it was a pretty good introduction. Let's just say, after reading that novel, I'll always keep a wary eye on vines. Yes, vines.

The reading overload doesn't stop there! Now, I'm currently reading a novel called, "The Secret Keeper's Daughter", written by Kim Edwards. I'm halfway through, and I have mixed feelings. I'll be writing a book review on it soon. The source of my mixed feelings stem from the fact that there are some characters in the novel that are so entrenched in grief that I don't care for them. There dogmatic nature and various familial problems annoy me. And I must say, it's tough to read a book about characters you don't care about.

My books have been the highlight of my summer. Other than that, I've been awaiting my the beginning of my summer job and eventual summer classes.

People keep asking me if I'm bored, but I'm not bored in any sense. Sure, I would like to go out more, but I'm trying to get myself "centered" before my second year of college begins. The month of my proved to be my testing period. Now I know what I need to focus on for June and July. I don't my the solidarity. I'm just enjoying my family and their company.

Lately, I've been characterizing my personality as the "sociable loner". Sure I love being around people, but there is a deep strain in my that sincerely enjoys being alone. It's nice.

That is all.

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