Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kounter Kulture

I feel "deep" today. I just came from hanging out with friends. GOOD FRIENDS.
It's so refreshing to find people who are just as "deep" as you. What do I mean by "deep"? I mean socially conscious. I mean passionate. I mean willing to share their own experiences. I mean hip!It's so hard to put in words. I think this is my reward for not always going out and hanging out so much. It makes the times in which I do so much more rewarding.

Especially today. Because one of the special people I spent time with just came into my contact just by chance. It was amazing.

Then there were the younger people I met. Not much younger than me, only about two or three years younger...but they too were hip. Like the beat generation inspired by Jack Keroauc, although I don't think they realize their own power. I saw fads and uncertainty in all of them, but I also saw potential. I know I'm sounding like an elder spouting out old adages from years past, and I'm sure that's how I sounded to them...but they were chill kids. From what I could tell, good company...that's just going by first impressions.

I'm still reading. I have completed "The Memory Keeper's Daughter". I was disappointed. I don't think it was a good novel. It was very "Danielle Steele"; very melodramatic, dripping with over-wrought sentiments falsely propelled by one action. Kind of like reading "rich white people" complain about their problems. Additionally, I didn't like how the character with Down's Syndrome wasn't given an "inner voice". The book dragged a bit, but wasn't entirely un-readable. Just not my cup of chai.

I have started reading "The Poisonwood Bible". We'll see how that goes.
Next I want to read "On The Road" by Jack Kerouac. I'm feeling like a part of a novo "beat" generation (as mentioned earlier), although it may be a somewhat exaggerated and stereotyped feeling.

The parentals and I are getting along. I love them, but they sometimes seem to forget that I'm growing up. I have a foot in adulthood and another foot stuck in adolescence.


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