Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thoughts Round-up

Okay, so A LOT of things have been swirling around in my mind lately. Thoughts about my future, body issues, guys, family, finances...just about EVERYTHING has come to mind. And although I honestly believe that I am the most scatter-brained person out there, I have realized through reading a various list of other blogs that I am not as strange as I initially thought myself to be. It takes reading the oddly similar experiences of others to completely realize that we are not as "unique" and "different" as we have been told we are. Reading blogs has become a way of mine to reading "minds" (a superpower I have ALWAYS wanted btw, I was and continue to be so jealous of Jean Grey and Professor Xavier). Anyway, here is a round up of my thoughts spoken by others:

From Jezebel.com

On narcissism:

me: ok sorta weird question: do you think the world would be a better place if you were in charge?
danny: haha at times i feel like i could run the world better than the people that actually do it because they seem to do really illogical and immoral things but then realisitically i know that i could never wield that much power and deal with the stress that they must have
me: ha me too
so that question was actually from a test for narcissism, which people say is on the rise in college students — do you think people your age are more or less self-centered than older people, or the same?
danny: hmmm, my gut reaction was to say that people my age are more self centered
but i think thats natural because were at that point where we have to figure out what to do with the rest of our lives so we spend a lot of time thinking about our own lives and maybe less about other important issues in the world not to say that there arent a lot of people my age who aren't self centered because i know there are but i think it is natural for people my age to be that way, sort of absorbed in their own life trying to figure everything out.

sensitivitycop 06/28/10
This was pretty hopeful. I used to think poorly of many of the "generations" that have developed during my lifetime, but i really like this generation. In the last ten years I've seen young people respond to 9/11 with their lives and respond to George W. Bush with Barak Obama. While this generation may be a little obsessed with disclosing TMI at a LOL rate, I think we're turning a corner from the utter selfishness that youth were encouraged to develop throughout the 80's and 90's to an attitude that is more open to the service of others (although there was some amazing rock n roll in the 90's.

From Racialicious.com

rawrsydney 06/07/10

"Oh, how much can I relate? This is like me, two years ago. 'Educated, liberal' white people will go to school with you, sit at the lunch table with you, and got 'tsk-tsk, in today's world even?' every time some FOX news pundit lets his true colors show, but start making eyes at them? 'You're pretty, FOR A BLACK GIRL, but I'm just not into black girls. It's just a preference, like with hair color.' Yeah, sure buddy. If they dated a blonde who dyed their hair brown, red, or cotton-candy-pink, they'd just find that something to overlook. Then there's the 'but-my-parents-would-disown-me' excuse (IMO, any parents who would disown their child over their SOs skin color is an unfit parent and never loved their kid in the first place). After hearing all that, why not just be asexual for a while until you find a nice safe black boy? And the media doesn't help any. On TV, how often is a black woman, no matter how beautiful, portrayed simply as a desirable woman to a non-black man, as opposed to a wise-cracking, head-snapping, asexual best friend sidekick? MAYBE, she can be the token in a parade of hot, otherwise white women. Or, if she's Halle Berry, Rosario Dawson, Rashida Jones, or Zoe Saldana, she can be attractive.....and even they are painted blue or playing white/Hispanic half the time. You have John Mayer acting like 'my dick is racist' is cool to say, and many men are eating it up, thinking it's edgy to say 'the only black woman I'd ever do is Beyonce/Halle Berry/whatever' as long as they prefix it with 'I'm not racist, I voted for Obama and I LOVE rap music.' Often, I see guys who do gravitate towards black women (and I don't mean to the exclusion of anyone else or who fetishize black women, just guys who won't immediately dismiss her because she's darker than a paper bag) get made fun of. 'So and so has jungle fever' or 'ha, of course what's his face is talking with the black one.' Surrounded by all that, a white guy who'd normally be accepting will be brainwashed into ignoring black girls, or hide any attraction to black girls to avoid comments from his friends and family.

Personally, my boyfriend is white, and one reason I'm with him because I know if anyone, even his dear old grandma, made a comment about it, he'd tear them a new one. Not that most of his family would; another factor is of course how these men are raised. If their dads are only checking out the waitresses with long blonde hair and skinny ankles, but calling any black woman passing by with a kid in her arms and a designer purse a 'trashy ghetto welfare queen,' what's he gonna learn? That the only desirable women fit a specific, generic mold, and most black women are trashy and ghetto, and therefore undesirable. I'll mimic what I hear the 'educated, liberal' whites saying: tsk-tsk. Even in today's world."

From bglhonline.com

"The reason why the third world exists is because these nations have agreed to follow European standards of wealth, professionalism, and civilization"

-Blacqinfinite, from bglhonline.com

From Def Poet Lemon

"May you find that the Lord? may not come when you call, but He's always on time."

From eatthedamncake.com

Rob (R.M. Levitt) responded on 02 Jun 2010 at 1:23 pm

"I think that by defining your identity around breaking down old stereotypes, you give those stereotypes just as much power over you as if you completely validated them. In a way, you just become a different kind of stereotype: the person who conforms to nonconformity!

I think you hit the nail on the head when you said “Women [and men! —R.M.] can and should be whatever it is that they feel inclined to be.” That’s a healthy kind of feminism that doesn’t ridicule women who like to bake cookies, and the male equivalent doesn’t tell us we’re gay if we don’t like football.

By the way, I suck at math!"


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